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What is your VMS?

If you're wondering what VMS means, it stands for Vasomotor Symptoms, aka "Hot Flashes." I saw an ad for VMS while watching an award show earlier this year. Anywho, I visited their website as instructed and took their 6-question Quiz to find out whether my hot flashes were Mild-Moderate or Severe! Right now, I am somewhere between Moderate and Severe and always looking for ways to get these flashes under control. Many things can trigger a hot flash, such as your ethnicity, hormones, weight, anxiety, STRESS, smoking, food/caffeine, and physical activity.

As you can see from the image with this post, courtesy of Everyday Health, menopause takes a toll on your body. Just last night, I couldn't get to sleep, so I made my usual cup of Chamomile tea, which by the way, does help me. During the day, I drink plenty of water, trying to stay hydrated, and what can I do for mood swings and insomnia? Let's not talk about vaginal dryness and weight gain. Something has got to give, and I mean fast!

The VMS site offers visitors 'The Hot Take' newsletter, which provides members with tips and information on managing hot flashes and so much more.

Click here to take the Quiz for yourself, and don't forget to sign up for the Hot Take! Come back and read another post.

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