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What are you going through?

Okay, ladies, are you tired of everyone asking you, "What are you going through?" only for you to respond, "I'm going through menopause." and for them not to understand?

By now, my family should know why I have all the ceiling fans on, why my face is red, and I have broken out into a sudden sweat. Or why it seems like every joint in my body aches when I walk, or why I despise going up and down the stairs these days. Menopause has turned my world upside down, baby, but no more. I declare in the name of Jesus that I will beat her and all her side effects.

I recall when I used to jump on a scale to see my gains for the week (I was a size 6 and 128 pounds soaking wet). Of course, that was when I worked out with a personal trainer three days a week. Still, when I go for my annual checkup, I strategically wear the thinnest pair of leggings I own paired with a t-shirt (no matter the temperature), ankle socks, and my favorite pair of slide shoes. All to psych me into thinking that the number on my bathroom scale would be different from the doctor's office scale.

No more running from scales or anything else. Instead, I will learn to manage my anxiety by praying, meditating, and taking more #metime when I feel overwhelmed. I will use my colorful post-it notes to remind myself of things I don't want to forget. Oh, and I am learning how to use the tools on my iPhone 13 to get my money's worth. As far as the mood swings go, I will play those by ear but be more cautious about how I react to people and situations. Last but not least, when I feel like I'm going to have one of those insomniac nights - I prepare myself a nice cup of Chamomile Tea or a shot of vodka - it depends on the day!

In other words, ladies, do what you have to do to cope with your menopausal symptoms, and when someone asks you what you are going through again, tell them, "I'm going through menopause!"

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