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The Wrong Mode!

Except for my short video on December 1, I could not function less post anything to the blog. As I approach my last two semesters before graduation, I selected exciting and hopefully not too stressful courses. The second 8-week fall semester drove me mad. I enrolled in a Public Relations (PR) course and a Photography course.

I learned a lot from the PR course, and I received an A. Also, I hope to use information from the course to market my books and sell merchandise on the blog. The Photography course, well that's another story. Our first assignment was to submit three of the best photos we had taken. Suffice to say that my three came right out of my iPhone album. Now, I do own a camera, but it is a small point and shoot that I usually take when we go on vacation. However, the course required using a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. So, my search began, and I ended up purchasing a red KODAK DSLR from Walmart.

I learned a lot about Photography from the textbook and the weekly LinkedIn videos. Yet, a part of me wished that we were all using the same camera. Precisely, one that the Professor was familiar with and could help students when they had questions. By doing so, the Professor would have saved other students and me a lot of time from resubmitting shooting assignments. By the time I realized that I was receiving bad grades because I was shooting my images in the wrong 'mode,' it was too late to drop the course, and all I could do was capture more photos (in MANUAL mode) resubmit them.

I appreciate the Professor allowing me to resubmit, but boy, I would have instead written an 8-page paper and taken a final exam than spend hours capturing dozens of images that turned out to be incorrect. Nevertheless, by the end of the 8-weeks, I could make it work and submit my final portfolio. But it was too late, and I received a D for this course! You read that right, a D. My first ever, and this was an elective course. Elective courses are not supposed to be stressful. Anyway, my husband and kids reassured me that I had done the best I could. They made me feel better.

I created a video to show some of my images over the last few weeks. Check it out below, and as always, Like-Share-Comment!

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