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The Tweenage Stage

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

I am the proud mother of two Tweenagers! My twins, Jonathan and Janell, are on their way to seventh grade this fall, and boy am I glad. Due to the pandemic, they were quarantined and missed their fifth-grade graduation in 2020. Then in the 2020-21 school year, they did not have a chance to experience the first year of middle school at school. However, Baltimore County Public Schools have announced that students will return to in-person learning with a mask mandate. Sounds good to me, but I am not a student. My children are excited to go back but were hoping they could do so without wearing a mask all day. Nevertheless, they listen to the News with us and know that we all must take precautions to protect ourselves.

Glimpsing through a few Facebook memories, I began to feel like my children have grown up so fast this past year. Could it be because they were here with me day in and day out? Or is it just me witnessing their adjustment to puberty? Nowadays, my daughter spends more time in the bathroom than anyone; my son is a professional sleeper most days and a gamer by night. As with many kids their ages, they recently had a visit with the Orthodontist. My son is not a happy camper, and he firmly said, "I do not want braces." On the other hand, my daughter is so excited, especially when she saw the braces colors wheel and said, "Pink for me, please." Sometimes they are so much alike, and then other times, so vastly different in their tone and temperament.

For example, I knew the day would come when they would challenge me on something, but now it seems like they try to take a mile if I give them an inch. So, I have to be swift in my response and serious (stern sounds a little firm) about the consequences of stepping out of bounds. Like any other child their age, they have chores and everyday responsibilities. Thanks to Greenlight, if they do not complete their chores, guess what? They do not get paid. Talk about an incentive. If it's one thing they have in common is their love of money. I am so glad my brother invited us to join, and the twins enjoy their personalized debit cards.

As a parent, we have to be careful how we behave with and in front of our children. Whoever said kids are like sponges did not lie. That is why parents must show them what a loving and respectful relationship looks like and a welcoming and happy home. Overall, we have two terrific kids. Watching them grow has been a blast, and I am looking forward to seeing what the next few years bring. We are proud of them, and I'm glad this is the last year of the Tweenage Stage.

#GetVaccinated: My husband and I are fully vaccinated and, after careful consideration, chose to have the twins vaccinated as well. Based on recent reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics, we felt it was essential to do our best to protect them. Today, more young people are contracting the coronavirus. For more information about COVID-19 Vaccines, visit the CDC

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