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S'mores Indoors!

Yesterday, my daughter and I went grocery shopping. She suggested that we buy everything we need to make S'mores. We all love chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, so that sounded like a good idea. Dessert is always a good idea, especially when I do not have to make it. When she informed my husband that he would be on 'roasting the marshmallows' duty, he told her that he did not think they would turn out so great with the gas grill.

So, I suggested that she search Google and find another way to make S'mores. I thought she would go straight to Pinterest, but I remembered that my kid's go-to resource is YouTube. I am the one who goes to Pinterest for recipes and advice. Low and behold, she found a video on baking the marshmallows and chocolate in the oven courtesy of one of today's most famous female rappers.

Check out this video from #CLOUT of Cardi B as she teaches us how to make S'mores in the Oven. I have to say it was delicious, and this will not be our last time making S'mores Indoors!

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