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Reporting OR Bullying!

As a mother, I pray daily and send my kids to school with a positive affirmation. In addition, I have told them to let my husband and I know if they ever feel uncomfortable, threatened, or bullied at school. The public school system here in Maryland has clearly defined its stand on bullying; however, as parents, we must also discuss this serious issue with our children.

Bullying is not always physical, as I found out when my daughter was in elementary school and was bullied in a video game chat. Yes, a dispute from school carried its way over to the popular game ROBLOX platform, where my daughters' classmate and her relatives began to bully her. Afterward, the misunderstanding filtered its way back to the classroom, and I had to involve the teacher and school administration.

I found the whole situation ridiculous, and I tried to convince my daughter that if she just ignored the other student, it would stop, but it didn't. And I had to realize that I was talking to an 8-year-old and not an adult, so it was hard for her to comprehend why her so-called friend had quickly turned on her over what we found out was a 'birthday gift exchange'! Their exchanging gifts had nothing to do with their online video game, but that's where the student decided to attack my daughter.

Luckily, the teacher changed their seating arrangement, and my daughter saw that the same friends she made in Kindergarten might not be there in Third, Fifth, and certainly not now in 8th. Middle School is a whole other monster. Since most students have cellphones, they voice their concerns on social media, like who their latest crush is or their hatred towards one another. In fact, some schools have set up pages that are strictly for students to post who they don't like that day!

I told my children that bullying is nothing new, and that I went through it too. Ultimately, I had to face my bully in a fight on display in the hallway, and I even got suspended for 3 days. But, after that, I never had any more problems with that other student. Of course I hope neither of my children have to resort to a physical altercation, and that by now boys and girls will learn how to resolve conflict reasonably and without assaulting one another.

Please watch the YouTube video below and share with your children.


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