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Hello Everybody,

I know I have been on hiatus for a few days, but I am back now and ready to blog away. First things first, I want to start with a post on motherhood. So, my family and I finally moved into our new home. Not newly built, but new to us. Naturally, everyone has been frantically trying to unpack and get situated. A few times, tempers have flared because it just all seemed to be too much.

We hired professional movers, but my husband and the children, and I moved a lot of the 'small stuff' ourselves. We were exhausted from going back and forth and up and down, and I was physically in pain. The day that we moved in was the first day of school for the twins, so when they came home, it was overwhelming. Boxes were piled high, and furniture scattered about. Nevertheless, my husband and I had taken care of all the major stuff (bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen). The movers had placed our items where we wanted, and thank goodness, they assembled the bedroom furniture. I have to say they were worth every dollar.

Now we are in week two of the new home, and well, I feel like all our 'essentials' should be unpacked and put away, and anything that we do not want or need should be tossed or donated. But as I walk around and assess everyone's room when I have the place to myself, I realize that the kids have not even bothered to finish unpacking. After today's visit to the Orthodontists and the pain of their braces installed, I thought I might give them the benefit of the doubt. But then, after I came back from a store run to purchase soft foods and snacks they might be able to consume, I sensed a bit of an attitude from them.

First, when I called and asked them to be on the lookout for me to help with the bags, and second when I asked them if they completed their homework. In fact, the response I got when I asked the question was "What?" When that happens, I ask again, and the answer is then "Yes." I thought about this and realized that this is not happening because their mouths are sore, and they cannot eat their preferred snacks; they are disrespectful. And just like most kids their age, they will try their parents to see what they can get away with. I have read many posts on my Facebook feed where mothers stress that we should not curse at our children, and some even firmly say we should not strike them in any way. But sometimes, we have to put our foot down or even raise our voices to get the point across.

Let me tell you all something, and if you grew up in the late 60s and early 70s, you will understand, and were probably cursed at, spanked with a belt, and rode in a car without wearing a seatbelt. Oh, and you surely didn't have a cell phone or device for your schoolwork – you wrote in cursive and wrapped your textbooks in brown paper bags. I say all this to say that although some things have changed with time, some things should remain the same. One of those things, and the most important thing, is showing respect to your mother and father. Today, we are so busy pleasing everyone and making everyone feel safe and sound that we may let things slide. Do not let any form of disrespect slide moms, especially from the kids.

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