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On Repeat!

Do you ever feel like you are on repeat when talking to your kids? I do. Now that our children are back to in-person learning, there's a new schedule to follow. Well, at least for mine, it is. Instead of being up and logged on by 7:50 a.m., we must be out by 7:35 a.m. and to school by 7:50! And in between the up and out is bathroom time, breakfast, packing lunch, and sometimes even picking out attire for the day. I know, for all you mothers out there who say most of these things can be done the night before, for some of us, they aren't. And guess what? They don't have to be if the kids would get up on time and get moving.

I explained to the children that I do not always want to 'go to work' and, in my case, log on for work, but we do. The only way that we can all function efficiently is to adhere to our schedule on school nights. For example, I allow the kids to have an hour break after school to unwind. After that hour, it's time for them to review the day's work and complete any assignments. When their schoolwork is complete, we prepare for dinner by the time my husband is home. During dinner, we talk about our day and enjoy each other's company – with no devices! Between 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. is when the kids should prepare for bedtime. How they manage that time is on them. However, I suggested that they shower earlier than later to have some free time to watch a movie, read or complete a chore, but hey, nobody listens to me.

Yesterday, I was not feeling well, so I tried my best to take a few minutes to breathe (my Apple watch reminds me of a few times a day) and try to relax. I find myself on repeat every night saying the same things. "Get your showers, plug in your devices, pick out your outfit for tomorrow, and last but certainly not least, "Lights Out!" Some nights I have even had to confiscate cellphones and remote controls. You can imagine the response I got from doing that, but who cares. It was a pure pleasure for me because I did not have to repeat anything I had already said. Instead, I just did!

Motherhood is rewarding but also frustrating at times. Overall, my twins are good kids, and I am super proud that they did so well in school last year. Now that we are back into the swing of things and will hopefully stay, I want to get them on a good daily schedule to help them and me. I cannot stress enough how important rest is for all of us, especially as we approach flu season. Good luck with your morning and evening routines, and if anyone has any tips for me, do tell me.

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