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Moms and Martinis

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Did I mention to you all how much I love Martinis? Well, I do and I also love the Moms and Martinis Podcast.

The Moms and Martinis podcast is a biweekly listen into the kitchen table talk between the host, Kira, and her friends. Kira, mom of four, from Atlanta, Georgia, invites you to witness candid moments in her life, as she tries new things and goes to new places; all while becoming a better person and mother, and keeping her mental health in check.

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the podcast last year (Season 3, Episode 33). Tune in and listen to our conversation about my journey with Alopecia and more.

Follow Kira on social media:

  • Twitter: @momsandmartinis

  • Facebook: @momsandmartinis

  • Instagram: @momsandmartinispod

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1 Comment

It was such a wonderful and educational episode. I highly recommend that people check it out.

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