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Mom Rewards!

Are you one of those moms who has a Rewards card for every store in town? Well, I am. Considering the price increases in almost every aspect of the budget, becoming a rewards member to use store credits, earn extra cash, or whatever incentives the store offers are necessary.

Our weekly grocery bill has exceeded $200, so I will clip newspaper and e-clip coupons in the WEIS App and do whatever else it takes to save on food shopping. Gas prices are high, I know, but if you’re like me and were using Premium before the increase, it doesn’t matter. I use my Exxon Mobil rewards card and save every time I purchase gas, and those rewards can be used for snacks and drinks or to refill your tank. You can also share this rewards card with your spouse or children if they are members.

Also, keep in mind that some of your credit cards may have incentives for shopping as well. I would also suggest that you sign up for email or text messages from these stores or credit card companies for daily or weekly specials, perks & offers. For example, with MACY’S as a STAR REWARDS member,

I have earned STAR MONEY to use when I shop in the store or online. I have $40 to spend before next week and another 30% off Kids’ Clothing, which is right on time for spring.

Don’t even get me started with the savings from Amazon. Besides checking Amazon for the ‘Must-See Deals’ and ‘Self-Care Essentials,’ I find myself shopping favorite items from some of the Influencers I follow on TikTok and Instagram.

Here are some links to popular stores where you can save for those who are not into this rewards game yet - Courtesy of RetailMeNot – So, take advantage of these rewards and treat yourself to something or things I know I am. Thank me later!

As always, Like-Share & Comment on some of your favorite places to Shop & Save!

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