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Maternity Wear & Pandemic Pregnancy

I remember how happy I was when I found out I was pregnant. For weeks, I tried to hide it from my coworkers by wearing loose clothes and walking around with a folder by my side. It did not take them long to figure it out. Working in a staff of primarily women and mothers they knew. I wanted to wait until the second trimester to share; however, I was already showing by eight weeks. Before pregnancy, I weighed between 130 – 150 lbs. My closet contained clothes in sizes 8-10. Yeah, I was one of those women who could not part with clothing I could no longer wear, but we will get to that in another post.

When I was pregnant and could no longer fit the size10 clothes, my mom and I went to the mall to purchase tops, jeans, and dresses and anything else I could find from maternity stores that fit me comfortably. I would have never dreamed of wearing anything exposing my belly or that was too sexy. When I conceived, I was thirty-eight, and I felt like I should have a business casual maternity wardrobe. Today’s moms-to-be are not holding back. They are carefree and sexy. I know you have seen the maternity photoshoots from celebrity moms and even your friends and family. Bare bellies and flowers are usually the theme or nothing at all but belly. Oh, and beautiful makeup and hair. Now that workers are returning to the office, I was curious to see what the current trends and arrivals are in maternity wear. Check out the Motherhood Maternity site.

In my second trimester, my doctor sent me to the hospital after a routine ultrasound, and before I could pack an overnight bag, I was on bed rest. My new home became the maternity ward at the hospital where I delivered. While I was there, I was anxious about carrying the twins to full term, stressing about not being at home or work. I did not allow any visitors besides my family. During my stay, my best friend suggested that I take a nice picture or do a cast of my belly, but I did neither, which I now regret. If I had time for another pregnancy, I think I would do all the above.

I spent approximately10 weeks in the hospital. During my 36-week visit, the doctor told us that “it was time” she could see Baby A’s head. Well, talk about timing. Baby A must not have heard us discussing our Baby Shower scheduled for that day, which we missed! Right after the appointment, we rushed to the hospital, and within 3 hours, our bundles of joy had arrived. My coworkers understood and brought all our beautiful gifts to our home.

During the early months of the pandemic, I wondered what women who were already pregnant or planning to become pregnant were thinking. They were not able to have their baby showers either. Luckily, families everywhere creatively held virtual or drive-by baby showers. Technology allowed mothers to share childbirth with their family and friends. The days when everybody could come to the hospital and swing by the nursery to see the baby or drop off flowers, balloons, or a cigar for Dad may have come to a halt for now, but they will resume one day.

Imagine how fearful expectant mothers must have been about being pregnant and contracting the coronavirus, especially before the vaccinations were available? However, based on the articles below, being pregnant during the pandemic was not as bad as I thought.

If you were pregnant during the past 14 – 16 months, how has it been for you? Are you wearing traditional maternity wear, or are you continuing to enjoy the trending fashion styles you wore before pregnancy?

Comment below.

Check out these interesting articles I found about how expectant mothers dealt with being pregnant during the pandemic.

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