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Love & Protection!

Is telling the world that we "Love" our spouses necessary?

Does your spouse have to wear their wedding band?

Did you identify your mate on social media?

When you love someone, do you have to protect them? If so, from what? We must protect each other from the world; the first way is to pray for and with them. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, and there is a chance that we can walk out the door in the morning and not return home at night. Naturally, we will protect them from bodily harm. I mean, safety is always first. But what about protecting them from their family, friends, scandal (secrets & relationships with the opposite sex), or even themselves?

I have told the world I am married (with two kids); my husband and I have always worn our wedding bands. On social media, particularly Facebook, we have indicated that we are married-just, not to each other. Our family and friends know we are, and that's good enough for me. Yet, someone asked me why we hadn't identified each other. Honestly, there was no particular reason.

I also believe that being present with and for each other protects them. For example, go out with your spouse more, and don't encourage too many 'Girls or GuysNights Out'! Make time for Date Night... HINT HINT! You better get to know their #workhusband or #workwife because, frequently, that coworker knows your significant other just as much or more than you. Also, married couples must hold each other accountable for their behavior when not together. For example, does your wife dress too risky when she's out with the girls, or does your husband get too drunk when he's with the fellas?

Online behavior, including social media, is where couples must set boundaries so that no one feels disrespected because outsiders will not care or hesitate to cross the line. It is also wise to set boundaries by limiting self-pleasure and watching pornography so your spouse doesn't feel forgotten and unwanted. Yes, these are challenging areas to tackle, but they are necessary for your marriage to thrive and for you to keep the connection with your partner. I strongly suggest doing what you can to ensure you don't neglect your husband or wife to the point that they feel single and unloved. Because if you don't, you run into the possibility of losing trust, and well, what's love without trust?

I follow multiple married couples on Instagram and read other blogs. Almost all of them emphasize the importance of married couples COMMUNICATING, making TIME for each other, and always RESPECTING one another. Oh, and heading towards the bedroom simultaneously at the end of the day. In marriage, love and protection go hand in hand; after all, we did vow to do that when we spent thousands of dollars for hundreds of guests at our wedding ceremony.

These may seem like unusual questions to you, but I genuinely would like to know your thoughts on one, if not all, of them.

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