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High Expectations for this 2023 - 2024 School Year

It doesn't seem that long ago that we enrolled our kids in their first daycare, then pre-K classes, and then they started kindergarten together. I wasn't sure what the deal was while they were in middle school, as it was by far the most challenging. Now, the twins are starting high school!

My expectations are high for our children, but what I want most for them is to make memories in high school and beyond. I want them to be socially aware of what's important to them and to engage in what they are passionate about. My son has spent countless hours on his XBOX playing MADDEN NFL and is now on the JV football team. My daughter is creative and looking forward to enhancing her skills in dance and art classes.

To prepare them for the school year, I purchased The North Face Jester Backpack from DICK's Sporting Goods and the Five Star Deluxe Binder from TARGET, which I saw on one of the morning shows. I reminded them to charge their school devices and take many pens and pencils. Oh, and a bottle of water! To my surprise, Baltimore County public schools are providing FREE breakfast and lunch for the students this year! Woo hoo... I don't have to worry about packing lunch every day anymore. Our students are not required to wear uniforms. So we went shopping for new outfits and accessories. The weather here is still warm so they can wear shorts and summer gear.

My daughter told me yesterday that homecoming is fast approaching. I told her it was an exciting time for students and encouraged her and her brother to participate by attending the football game and homecoming dance. More importantly, I reminded them that while it is okay to indulge in sports, clubs, and other outside activities, managing their time correctly, maintaining a good GPA, and developing good sleeping habits will help them have a successful school year. As the school administration pointed out at orientation, grades are important now as freshmen, and students should not wait until junior or senior year to buckle down on their studies.

I wish all moms and kids a fantastic 2023 -2024 school year, and if you have any tips to share, please do so. As always, please like and share this post.

Thank you,


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