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Happy Fall, Y'all!

It is the first week of fall, and this week we have had wacky weather here in Maryland. Monday and Tuesday were fair, and then by Wednesday, a storm was brewing. Thursday morning, the rain was coming down so swift that I could barely see when driving the kids to school. By that afternoon, the sun was shining, and all was well again. Friday was wonderful. The air was crisp, there was a slight breeze, and leaves were falling. The forecast for the next few days is promising. I plan to take advantage of the partly sunny days by collaborating with a Contractor and Landscaper to complete minor home repairs and projects that I cannot do myself.

This week, I ran straight to the basement, looking for my fall house, door, and porch decorations. However, I realized that my current door is so different from the one at the old home. The wreaths I have are not the right size for the door I have now, so I will not use them. I did find a Letter 'H' sign and small fall foliage that I placed outside on a flag post. So, off I went to Big Lots, Dollar General, and a local garden store nearby. Luckily, Big Lots had some items left, and I snagged a 'welcome' sign for the door and a beautiful floral centerpiece and tealight candle that I placed on my kitchen island.

Our local WEIS has the best flowers, and I purchased a 10-inch multi-colored mum that sits perfectly on the front step. I love shopping at Dollar General, but their fall aisle was wiped out (no surprise there). If you haven't been there, I urge you to give them a try, especially on Saturday, because they have $5 off of your $25 purchase. I may go back to our local garden center (Glyndon Gardens) for more mums if necessary. If you need decorative fall items, get going this weekend or shop online.

Here are the links to my favorite stores:

Because I just moved into a new home, I have received coupons from all these stores because I signed up with courtesy of the USPS (I think?). If you have recently moved, or plan to, consider registering with them to receive your freebies. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic start to the fall season.

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