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Give Your Kids the Greenlight (GL)!

My husband and I gifted our twins with GL debit cards two years ago and I am so glad that we did. The kids were so excited because we were able to customize their cards with their photos, they were able to get paid on a debit card for their chores, as well as save for special items they wanted to purchase for themselves.

Greenlight allows parents to download the app on everyone in the family's phones, determine a direct deposit amount to be withdrawn from parents' personal checking or savings account, pay the children, and monitor the debit cards. Now when your children complete weekly chores or help with special projects around the house you can pay them (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) on their own debit card. The GL debit card is accepted almost everywhere so the twins are able to withdraw cash from ATM machines, purchase games and personal items online, as well as buy snacks and food from their favorite stores or fast food restaurants.

In addition to getting paid to complete chores, GL allows children to save up to 5%, invest and learn about stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), earn 1% Cash Back on purchases, and play games on Greenlights "Level Up" where they completed challenges and learn new money skills. Parents decide which GL plan is best for their family and also have the option to apply for Parent Credit.

Another cool option that GL offers is a personal pay link for each child that parents can share with friends and family for birthday parties and holidays. I really appreciated that feature because it eliminated us from collecting multiple gift cards, which were often lost by at least one kid, and the children chose where they spent the monetary gift.

If you have children between the ages of 8 -18, then the Greenlight Debit Card or GL is for you! If you are interested in gifting your child(ren) a Greenlight Debit Card, please visit my Facebook page post to use my link to start.

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