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Good day Everyone,

Today I want to talk about emotions. I do not have to tell you that being married, being a mother, and going through menopause is emotional because, well, it's self-explanatory. So, why then would I have to explain being 'emotional' during other aspects of life? For example, the home buying process. My family and I are selling our home and purchasing a new one. Any of you who have been through this process knows that it too can be emotional. Okay, they say now it's a 'seller's market,' alright, but what about the buyers. Shouldn't the buyers benefit from this as well? In this instance, I am both.

During the beginning of the process, one of the key players asked, "Tamara, why are you so emotional?" FYI - the key players can include the Lender, Loan Officer, Realtor, Spouse (if applicable), Children, Buyers (for this house), and Sellers of a new home. I had to stop and think about my response before I shot off a bunch of swear words. Still, I held back and tried to make my point that this is a MAJOR purchase that will affect my family and me for the next nth years. To make matters worse, I have heard that same question from other key players. As if no one else involved is emotional. I do not think this is a situation where anyone should hold back their emotions and not voice their questions or concerns.

Like, what part of this show didn't everyone else understand. The entire process is stressful and can bring out multiple emotions. For me, first, there was the uncertainty of whether to sell or rent our current home. Not to mention the amount of information requested and money needed, paperwork to sign, documents requested, and did I say money. Homes are not cheap in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. In fact, a lot of the homes are overpriced and not worth even the asking prices. Once we decided to sell this home, there was the enjoyment of searching and looking for a new one. Then the stress of what to offer on a potential new home to beat other buyers, and then to worry if our offer will be accepted by the seller's and we will close the deal.

I know I am not the only one who has felt emotional buying a home. I have lived in this house for 20 years, so yeah, this is a moving process. This home is the only home that my children know, so yeah, they are emotional. As we begin packing, we have found photos and other memories, which have made us stop and think about the good times we have had here. Then I start to imagine the good times and new memories we will create at our new home. As mothers, sometimes we try and hide the truth from our children. But, in a situation like this, we cannot. My children start school next week. Their first year of middle school, and I want to be settled in somewhere by then.

I have been rational throughout this ordeal, and I have had to appease a few key players. As I sit in my office space surrounded by boxes and scheduled to settle on this property today, I still do not have a closing date on a new property. So, I sit here sipping my cup of coffee and eating my chewy Quaker bar, thinking, will we have to rent back from the buyers here? Or will we have to stay with relatives for a month or so? What? But I guess these questions do not justify any emotions. Whatever the case may be, I will not allow anyone to make me feel that my feelings are not valid. There were many reasons why it took us so long to decide to move from here, but I can see why as I reflect on these past two months. Buying a home is an EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER, and I cannot wait until the ride comes to an end.

I will continue to pray that all things will work out for the better, and while I work and pack, comfort myself with one of my favorite pass times – listening to music! I have included a video by one of the most talented women, Mariah Carey singing her hit Emotions.

Be Blessed & Stay Safe, Everyone!

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