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Do you mind if your spouse 'Love's Social Media Posts from other Men/Women?

As you scroll down your Facebook feed, are you innocently clicking the heart button for everyone's post, or do you save the heart for your spouse, family, and those special friends? Now we have seven reactions to choose from on Facebook, and there's no way that every single post from a friend deserves a red heart. What about the new care reaction option? Is that okay? I mean, it's a smiley face, I think holding a red heart. When you're married, it is okay to CARE about your friends.

I did not care per se about who chose a red heart for my husband's posts; however, I was a little curious about what types of posts he loves. On the other hand, my husband rarely likes or comments on my social media posts, but that doesn't mean he's not looking. I also take note of the comment section. Call it trolling, but most husbands and wives skim over their spouses' comments under their posts. I even went so far as to reply to a woman's comment that I thought was inappropriate. At the time, I felt like she needed to know that her comment was out of order. Now, I look back and believe that couples should immediately delete these types of comments to avoid any drama on the feed.

Now, Instagram and TikTok, on the other hand, only give the option to Love, Comment, or Share, so we do not love posts that we want to for fear of the reaction of others. Believe it or not, your spouse is not the only user taking note of what you love on your feed. Friends and family members, and even children are also aware. We sometimes have to keep scrolling even though we may innocently follow and love watching users' dance videos, striking poses, etc.

Nobody wants trouble on social media, and marriages should most certainly not fail because of it. Honestly, I did not even notice the Facebook outage this week. I have been trying to minimize my screen time. In searching for news stories on my favorite subjects this week, I found two good ones about marriage and social media. Take a look, and as always, Like, Comment, and Share.

This article is for fun! I found this unbelievable. I bet they share their social media accounts.

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