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Before & After Menopause

Funny story. While shopping for furniture this weekend, I broke out into a sweat and had to excuse myself and rush to the restroom. When I returned, the salesman apologized and contributed my sweating to the temperature in the showroom. Bless his heart. I think he knew what my deal was, but he chose not to zoom in on my red face and shiny forehead. But my family knew better. My son gave me a quick hug and asked if I was okay. We kept looking until we all agreed on the perfect sectional for our living room.

As we drove home, I opted to open the windows for some fresh air instead of cranking the AC since it was evening time. We had been shopping for a few hours, so we grabbed some Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Just before bed, I prayed that I would get a good night's sleep and not have to rely on the ceiling fan to stay cool. Then, I opened up my Amazon App and searched for cooling pillows and sheets. I ordered four pillows (two for me and two for my husband). I laughed and thought about how much fun I had, and what life was like before menopause? I certainly had more energy, and my joints did not ache anywhere near the way they do today, and I could wear high heel shoes. And another thing, I did not have to wash my clothes and sheets as often as I do now, oh and I was able to get a lot more sleep.

This week I will start counting down to my 52nd birthday, even though it is not until November (8 1/2 weeks to be exact)! I want to plan a nice brunch or dinner with my close friends. Because most of us are in the same stages of menopause I will select a location and menu wisely. Of course, I will also consider the safety precautions due to COVID-19. These past few weeks have been hectic, but now I am more relaxed and winding down after our big move. I began my weekly search for recent news articles about menopause. This week I lucked up and found articles on both perimenopause and post-menopause.

Check them out below, and as always, Like – Comment & Share:

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I always carry a handkerchief in my purse now more than ever before. The mask makes me perspire and the Flashes come on and that’s it . No more curls in my hair i don’t bother with eye makeup as much anymore . The nights are crazy I’m always searching for cotton night clothes because silk and nylon don’t work maybe lace . That 2am Flash shows no mercy with or without night clothes on . I can go on and on but I think you know what I mean 😢 My Story

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