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Because I Said So!

I know that I am not the only mother in America who has said to their child, “Because I Said So!” Now and again, I have to say this to my children when they ask me Why? After I have requested or reminded them to do something.

For example:

  • Brush & floss your teeth

  • Clean up your room

  • Clean up your bathroom

  • Start your homework

  • Turn off your devices

  • Lights OUT!

These are just a few daily/weekly reminders I must reinforce with my children. Even though children may perceive these requests and reminders as being scolded by us, has the thought ever crossed their minds that we are tired of having to say them? I hope my children understand that I am not a ‘mean Mom’ when saying

these things. Instead, I am doing this for their good. Responsibility and time management are essential in everyone’s life. In addition, discipline is a value that I want them to have. The way I see it, if the children focus on what needs to be done now, they train their minds for what they want to achieve as they plan their goals.

As they approach their teenage years, I want to begin to give them more leeway. However, they must prove themselves first. One way for them to do that is to do their weekly chores (without me having to tell them to) and complete their daily school assignments (without me having to remind them). It is up to us as parents to help them grow and become more independent. One or two children won’t want to take the following steps or don’t. Guess what? That’s not your fault. If you know you have done your best and have given them the tools they need to survive.

Now, for all you parents who strongly believe in allowing your children to express themselves. I am all for that, but there are times when it is not warranted. When it is not, we mothers must stand firm when we say, “Because I Said So!”

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